IP administration

Our highly experienced staff, including certified holders of the Intellectual Property Management Skills Test, can provide finely tuned IP administration and management services, and make suggestions for improving your administrative practices.


IP administration

Specialist IP administration team

  • IP administration

We can support every aspect of your IP administration and boost the efficiency of your work practices.

Our staff are experts in legal systems and operations both inside and outside Japan. They can support all aspects of IP administration, from handling Japanese and international correspondence to data entry into management databases, due date management, and invoice processing.

We have experience in supporting a wide range of IP-related administrative matters at multiple companies. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we can handle special procedures that occur infrequently, as well as procedures in countries outside the US, Europe, and China.

We can also provide know-how based on our experience in the digitalization of documents, robotic process automation (RPA), and much more.